Dojo Rules & Etiquette

  1. When entering of leaving the Dojo, bow to the front with respect and dignity.
  2. When meeting a senior black belt or Sensei, execute a similar bow.
  3. Remove all jewelry (rings, chains, etc.) prior to training and ensure your karate-gi is clean and complete at all times.
  4. Gum chewing, leaning on walls, sitting, drinking water or other liquids or smoking will not be allowed while in the Dojo.
  5. Remove hats, sunglasses and shoes when entering the Dojo.
  6. Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. Also ensure that fingernails and toenails are neatly trimmed and cleaned.
  7. Follow traditional ceremonial opening and closing of classes and all etiquette. If unsure of procedure ask a senior belt.
  8. 100% attention must be paid to your instructor at all times. Answer or react promptly in a respectful manner when addressed by your instructor or any higher belt.
  9. There shall be no loss of temper, loud laughing, talking, profanity, horseplay or any lack of self discipline during class.
  10. Be on time for all classes. If early, utilize time for warm-up and practice. If arriving late for class, bow at entrance and kneel by entrance until the instructor indicates that you may join the class at the rear.
  11. Address chief instructor as “Sensei” and nothing else. Other black belts will be addressed as “Sempai”.
  12. Any members found applying karate techniques outside of the Dojo shall be expelled unless your safety or that of others is threatened. Avoid any potentially dangerous situation at all times.